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5 Reasons Why Families Move to Dallas

Thinking about making a move to Dallas with the family? You’re in luck. This area is great for adults and kids alike. Here are some great reasons to consider moving to the largest city and seat of Dallas County, home to 1.3 million people.

1.  The Weather is Awesome

Here in Dallas, the average summer temperature is 84, while the average winter temp is 52. Translation? You’re not going to have any unbearably cold, wintry, snowy days here. This is why it’s perfect for families with small children and active teens who want to get outside and get moving regularly. It’s pretty impossible not to live a healthy and active lifestyle here. Bonus: Dallas has more than 400 city parks, including the popular 260-acre Fair Park. With these parks come 17 lakes, 60 miles of trails, and 200 playgrounds.

2.  There are Plenty of Fun Things to Do

There are lots of things to do here to keep your kids occupied. From educational museums to galleries, it’s easy to keep children interested in learning about the world around them. The Dallas Museum of Art in particular has special programs for anyone from toddlers to teens, offering annual events such as summer art camps, art classes, and interactive art-making activities every month.

Dallas also happens to be home to the state’s first and largest zoo, the Dallas Zoo, featuring more than 2,000 animals and more than 400 species. This zoo attracts about one million people every year to its doors.

3.  It’s Affordable

Dallas is a large city yet has a cost of living that’s two percent lower than the national average. Compare this to New York City, which is more than 60 percent more expensive than Dallas. The median home value is about $130,000, lower than most other cities of comparable size.

4.  There are Tons of Healthy Options

Lots of stuff happens outside thanks to the great year-round weather. One of the best in the Dallas Farmers Market. If you’re looking to adopt a healthier, more sustainable life, this is where you can get some grocery shopping done while strolling around and meeting new people. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as homemade healthy baked goods, are just a few of the things you can look forward to. There’s also entertainment on a weekly basis such as live music, crafts, and unique pop-up stands.

5.  It’s a Great Sports Town

There’s nothing better to do as a family than take in a ball game on a nice day. With the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, the Texas Rangers, FC Dallas, and the Dallas Stars all located within the city limits, it’s easier than ever to take the family to the big game no matter what sport you love.

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