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5 Tips for Relocating a Wine Collection Safely

If you have an extensive wine collection that you’re quite proud of, but you’ll soon be moving and aren’t sure how to best move the whole thing, we have some tips for you. We understand a collection like yours likely took many years (and lots of money) to build; thus, it’s not just a bunch of bottles you want to toss in the backseat of your vehicle or in flimsy boxes for the movers to handle.

On the contrary, you will want to take great care in ensuring that no damage occurs to your wine collection when moving.

​Here are five tips for relocating safely with a wine collection.

1.  Call an Appraiser Prior to the Move

To you, your collection is invaluable, but in reality, that’s simply not the case. All that wine has to be worth something, and it’s an appraiser’s job to put a number on it. Ask your local wine merchant to refer you to a qualified appraiser who can tell you the specific value of your collection.

2.  Take Photos

The best way to keep an accurate record of the contents of your wine collection is to take detailed photos. Keep copies for your records, take new photographs as necessary, and compile a written inventory as well.

3.  Notify Your Movers of Your Wine Collection

This is must-know information to tell any moving company you hire. When you call for a quote, this is the time to tell them of your high-value collection. They will have to take specific, necessary preparations beforehand to ensure your wine collection is handled properly during the relocation. This information is vital for the protection of your collection, so don’t neglect to tell them.

Your movers can bring special boxes designed to protect fragile items from damage during transit. They will also let you know how best to transport wine. Hint: corked wine bottles should be packed upside down so the corks remain wet.

4.  Fill Out a High-Value Inventory Form

When making plans to relocate your wine collection, your movers will likely ask you to complete a high-value inventory form. This will ensure your wine collection qualifies for unlimited liability protection. It’s wise to also ask about the different protection and replacement plans your mover offers.

5.  Check the Temperature

The older the wine is, the more delicate it is, and the more care you must take to protect its flavor. Finely-aged wine should be stored at the right temperature – consistently – to preserve the appearance and taste.

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