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Moving Safety Tips You Should Know

Moving is actually more dangerous than you would expect. It’s not only exhausting work, it can also pose a risk to your health and body with all that heavy lifting and all those sharp edges. This is why you should leave the heavy moving and packing up to us here at Charitable Movers and Packers. We bring the right equipment to do the job safely yet efficiently.

However, it’s always wise to know basic moving safety tips. Here are the main ones to keep in mind.

Don’t Overpack

Just because you can fit 100 pounds of shoes in a box doesn’t mean you should. Moving boxes are made to fit a certain amount of things, and if you go over that weight, you risk straining or injuring your back, knees, and other joints. You also risk the box falling apart and breaking the items inside. In general, stick to:

  • 50 pounds in a small box
  • 65 pounds in a medium box
  • 70 pounds in a large box

Use extra-large boxes for bulky but not heavy items, such as linens, comforters, clothes, and cushions.

Wrap Sharp Objects

Failing to properly wrap up and secure sharp objects such as knives and gardening supplies can lead to cuts and injuries. But it can also pose a threat to others, especially if they puncture and poke through the boxes. Wrap sharp items in packing paper or bubble wrap. For added protection, roll the item in a dish towel and secure it with a rubber band.

Dress Appropriately

The clothing you wear on moving day should be comfortable and manageable. Avoid baggy clothing, which impedes your movement and may cause you to trip. Clothing should be flexible, breathable, and weather-appropriate. Wear secure footwear, not flimsy flip flops or shoes with heels. Don’t wear jewelry either.

Lift Properly

To remain safe and prevent injury, follow proper heavy lifting protocol. Keep your spine alignment as neutral as possible. When picking up boxes and furniture, bend at the knees, not at the waist. Carry heavy loads close to your core to keep a good balance, and refrain from twisting your body while lifting or carrying.

Stretch Often

Tight muscles and limbs can cause injury. Keep your body loose: stretch throughout the day, focusing on problem areas such as knees or shoulders. This will help relieve stress or discomfort and keep you well-toned throughout the process.

Clear a Pathway

Leave yourself and the movers a clear pathway that everyone can walk through without having to encounter any obstacles. Trips and falls are dangerous on their own, but that risk is compounded when the area is littered with obstacles and you are carrying heavy objects.

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