Cropped shot of a young woman looking stressed out while moving house

Stressed Out by Your Move? You’re Not Alone!

Moving is stressful, and there are statistics out there to prove it. In fact, one-third of Americans (33 percent) think moving is one of life’s most stressful events, even ahead of job interviews (32 percent) and first dates (nine percent)! When you hire a residential or commercial mover to help with your relocation, you are doing your part to reduce that stress level immensely.

Some of the more common problems people experience during a move include:

  • Broken belongings
  • Arguments with a significant other
  • Leaving items behind
  • Not enough time to do it all

First off, know that you are not alone.  There is so much to do when you move from making sure that your items are safe, your old space and floors are clean, and your new home is ready to go. We move families, couples and singles all the time but at the same time, we understand that moving is not a daily event for you. And it’s very common to be anxious and stressed before, during, and after a move. Here are some de-stressing tips:

Get Organized

This is the #1 way you can reduce your stress level on moving day. When you invest the time it takes to properly plan and organize your move, you are better prepared to handle unforeseen challenges. When you’re organized, you are better able to stay in control no matter how chaotic things get. This means everything from organizing boxes, to cleaning up around the house.

Call a Friend

Or two, or three. The point is, there is strength in numbers, so enlist the help of your friends and family as soon as possible. They can help you pack, organize, label, clean and prep. On the day of the move, they can be there to watch your children and pets, or just to help you keep calm as you work with the movers to get your stuff out the door.

Call for Estimates One to Two Months Beforehand

Booking your movers early means you can secure the date and be assured of their presence on the big day. This will also give the movers plenty of time to come out and give you a free estimate for planning purposes. Four to six weeks’ notice is best, as the more lead time you give the movers, the more likely they will be able to accommodate your preferred loading and delivery schedule.

Choose a Reliable Moving Company

Once you have gathered a few estimates, it’s time to narrow down your selection to the most reliable, dependable mover. Make sure they are licensed and insured, and reputable in the community, with a proven track record for excellence.

Make Lists

Grab a notebook or binder and jot down lists of everything you will need for your move. Section off portions of the notebook or binder by room, and keep an accurate list for inventory purposes. Keep your notes, receipts and checklists together for easy and quick reference.

Take it Step by Step

If you have the luxury of many weeks or months to plan your move, start by packing your out-of-season clothing and toys. De-clutter at the same time, and donate, sell or throw out what you no longer need.

When you wait till the last minute, this is when stress levels can rise. Don’t delay the most critical tasks; persistence will help you reach your goals and reduce stress.

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